Friday, May 29, 2009


This one is from an unknown source and features an xray view of the people at the counter.

Pennies From Heaven

Steve Martin's movie "Pennies from Heaven" includes a number of scenes built on paintings and photographs from the Depression and post-war eras. This scene features Steve Martin (in the fedora) and Bernadette Peters (with her trademark hair) sitting at the diner.


I do now know what this one is titled, but it was done by user "akatatsu" and features cell phones at the diner with a teapot as the attendant. Neon bars outline the window.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polit Dreams

This one is called "Boulevard of Polit Dreams". I dont know what is happening here but the patrons of the diner have been replaced with new people and there is a man standing outside looking in.


This one is called "X-Day". I do not remember where it comes from or who made it but there is a lot of violence happening here. There is a building on fire in the background and a dead person in the street. The diner is now called "Dobbs's Die Ner".

Uli Stein

This one is done by Uli Stein and has his name as the diners name. It has some cartoonish looking rats and a cat here. I believe this may be from a cartoon in another country.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Atlantic Monthly

This is the cover of the Atlantic Monthly "State of the Union" issue. It shows Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty at the diner.

Unter Leute

This one is by Rainer Trischel and is called "Unter Leute" which I have no idea what it means. The caption is in a foreign language as well. It shows one man at the diner talking to the attendant.


Another take on turning the diner into a Starbucks coffee shop. This one was donr by user "mattbach" on as part of a photoshop contest.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Truck Stop

I dont know where this one came from but it is title "Night Hawks At The Truck Stop". and features the diner as a truck stop named "Pitstop", with a semi truck outside.

Justice League

This one was part of a photoshop contest created by user "QTFan451". It has Superman and Wonder Woman at the diner.


Another take on converting the diner to a modern McDonalds. This time very simple, only having a sign and the attendant in a different uniform.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unreal Tournament

This comes from a user created map for the first person shooter game "Unreal Tournament".


This one from a photoshop contest simply puts Darth Vader from Star Wars at the diner.


This photoshop brings the diner to the Titanic and names it the "Iceberg Bar". Characters from the Titanic movie are shown around the diner.